About Keshav

Keshav is a seasoned corporate trainer, thinker & life enthusiast.

A seasoned Communication Trainer. Who offers online training for General English, Business English, IELTS & Academic English. Keshav predominantly writes about how to achieve Personal & Business goals as well as the Importance of speaking with a standard, proper pronunciation. He Inspires and encourages Individuals to realize their true potential.

This website is dedicated to people who don’t just settle for anything. it’s for those who don’t seek motivation only when they are knocked off balance, but are in pursuit of strategies that will equip them with the skills to deal with uncomfortable situations in life.

This is nearly out of question to live a problem-free life, therefore, it is imperative to prepare yourself for the challenges life throws at you.

We all get hooked, but you don’t stay there. Keshav helps you to not let fear take you over. If you’re knocked off balance, you find your center quickly and regain your inner calm.

Here Keshav inspires people to become Invincible in life to become unbeatable. To live an Unshakable life by adopting a few traits that can change your life forever. When you’re truly unshakeable, you have unwavering confidence even amidst the storm.

Keshav Inspires you to experience a life that’s not full of busy, distraction, frustration but instead days filled with focus, creativity, productivity, and beauty.

Keshav having worked with MNCs is the seasoned, highly empowered professional. He’s trained people from different backgrounds. During his training career, he’s worked with people from India and abroad. Which offered him a great chance to understand the nitty-gritty of language & Voice and Accent Training. Keshav has acquired a range of certificates in modern pedagogy & andragogy.

At keshavjha.com he helps learners acquire a neutral accent and encourages them to use a language that is standard and acceptable by a global audience.

Should you wish to contact Keshav to engage him as a motivational speaker or to get help to acquire globally accepted standard English pronunciation or business English and creative writing, feel free to call /WhatsApp at 9718743558 or you can write him at [email protected]