English Nouns that Only Have a plural Form

English Nouns that Only Have a plural Form

Aren’t singular & plural nouns should be easy of all the grammar concepts? When you talk about one thing it is singular, you talk about more than one it is plural with -S. Is it that simple? I wish the language was straightforward. There are some nouns that exist only in plural forms & some are used only in the singular, even though they end in -s.

These include names of academic subjects & physical activities such as economics, statistics, mathematics/maths, physics, classics, gymnastics & aerobics.

Maths was never my favorite subject at school.

Gymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises.

The table shown below has nouns that are used only in the plural form. These include tools & instruments & certain clothing articles which have two parts.

PremisesSurroundingsSavings (Money)

I’ve got new jeans. Do you like them?

My friend always wears shorts, even in the winter.

My pants are torn.

The glasses have slipped down his nose again.

Use of “A Pair of” to quantify

I have bought a new pair of jeans.

I wear my old pair of trousers to work in the garden.

I bought two pairs of sunglasses for the summer.

Some More Examples of Other Plural-Only Nouns:

They live on the outskirts of Delhi.

My clothes got wet in the rain. I’ll have to go & change.

I spent all my savings on a trip to the Maldives.

Make sure you take all your belongings with you.

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