Health & Fitness Vocabulary

Health & Fitness Vocabulary

In this day & age, all of us want to get into shape. Some of us want to get into shape to look physically attractive & some to stay healthy & fit. Thereby, keeping disease caused by obesity at bay. I am sure, learners would find this short Health & Fitness Vocabulary post useful when they would talk about their level of fitness or exercise routine in English.

Power walking – Walking very quickly as a form of exercise.

ex. Power walking can help you immensely to burn calories.

Jumping Jack – A form of exercise in which you stand with your legs together and your arms at your sides and jump to a position with your legs apart and your arms spread out.

ex. do a jumping jack or push-ups to raise your heart rate.

Spare Tyre – Unwanted fat around your waist.

ex. Vigrous exercise will help to get rid of your spare tyre.

Regimen – Set of rules about food & exercise to improve health.

ex. Doctor has put John on strict regimen.

Hamstring – the muscles that are in the back of your leg.

ex. it looks like you have done a hamstring ( pulled a muscle).

Five a day – the amount of fruit & vegetables that you should eat to stay healthy.

ex. start your five a day with banana for breakfast.

Get (yourself) into shape – to take exercise, eat healthy food in order to become physically fit.

ex. I’m trying to get into shape before winter.

Strenuous – Needing great physical effort & energy.

ex. let’s go for a stroll in the park. Nothing too strenuous.

Cross-training – training in sports other than your main sport in order to make yourself fitter.

ex. the goal of cross-training is to improve overall performance.

Pump iron – lift heavy weights to make your muscles stronger.

ex. John pumps iron for hours every morning.

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