How to talk about lies & the lying liars

How to talk about lies & the lying liars

Want some strong & powerful words to talk about lies & the lying liars?

If I were to ask you, readers, what is the trait that all human beings have in common? It’s quite possible that you would say “LAYING”.

Lying seems to be an integral weakness of humankind. I highly doubt that few human beings would be so cocky as to profess that they have never in their lives told at least a partial untruth.

Now, the question is as to why do people lie? A study suggests people lie to increase their sense of importance, to escape punishment, to gain an end that would otherwise be denied them, out of long-standing habit, or sometimes because they actually do not know the difference between fact & fancy. these are the common reasons for falsification.

Now we know that lying is a prevalent phenomenon, there would, of course, be a number of interesting words to describe different types of liars.

While talking about lies or the liars, an average English speaker uses only one-word” LIAR” Or “LIE”. Due to the limited size of the vocabulary, an average speaker is confined to use just two words. However, an advanced level speaker would describe the traits of the liar or the lies quite explicitly.

Readers, no offense but let’s pretend that you are a liar. The idea is to help you become personally involved. So the question is, what kind of liar are you? Find it yourself

A Consummate Liar

Consummate is often mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is “KON” + “suh” + “muht” . you can check the 70 most commonly mispronounced words.

A consummate liar is somebody who is extremely skilled & has an ability to lie as convincingly or artistically as nobody.

A consummate liar has done the mastery of lying, has perfected the skill in a way that he has no trouble in making somebody believe that he is speaking the truth. And the best part is people don’t even suspect or have an iota of doubt about his lies.

An incorrigible liar

The habit of lying is so strongly embedded that it cannot be changed or improved. An incorrigible liar is beyond redemption. An incorrigible liar is somebody who despite facing huge embarrassment or unhappiness due to his distortion of the truth, he continues to lie.

A pathological liar

Pathological liars are people who lie so often that it becomes highly improbable to detect their falsehood. They are extremely good “Liars”. It is impossible for them to control from lying. A pathological liar can’t stop telling lies.

A compulsive Liar

Unlike pathological liar, a compulsive liar can easily be identified. Compulsive liars are unable to control themselves from lying. However, compulsive liars aren’t very convincing & artistic. They also display obvious lying behavior.

A notorious liar

Notorious liars are infamous for lying. It is so well known in their friend circle that only a stranger is likely to be misled. That’s too- not for long.

A chronic liar

We have already discussed, most of the people lie occasionally for different reasons. However, a chronic liar has a history of lying. He lies continually & can’t stop lying.

An Occasional Liar

Occasional liars are those who seldom tell a lie. The study suggests that occasional liars are quick to ask for forgiveness. They are often respected for their attempt for being truthful & humble enough to seek forgiveness.

I hope these words would help you to talk about lies and the lying liars.

Tips to improve vocabulary:-

Reach vocabulary boosts your self-confidence, sharpen and enrich your thinking, push back your intellectual horizons, build your self-assurance. It gives you the ability to express your thoughts effectively.

Increasing your vocabulary doesn’t mean merely learning the definitions of a large number of obscure words. What it can only mean – is becoming the comprehensive user of the word.

Learners often memorize the meaning of the word or look for the equivalent word in their regional language. The problem with this type of learning is – you can learn the meaning of the word but you would struggle to use the word comprehensively.

Increasing your vocabulary – properly, intelligently, and systematically can have a profound impact on your professional life. And, surely one can’t deny that such an experience will change you intellectually.

The most effective way to enhance your vocabulary is – as you check the meaning of the word, don’t forget to go through the list of examples. Any good dictionary such as Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary has a comprehensive list of examples. It helps you immensely to become the user of a word.

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