How To learn English with Netflix & YouTube

How To learn English with Netflix & YouTube

Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted & tired of practice tests, turning the pages of grammar books, or maybe reading books to learn English? then it’s time to change the way to learn English. Change it to the way you would enjoy learning the English language with your favorite Netflix series. Read the article to know how to learn English with Netflix & YouTube.

you could be preparing for an IELTS or TOEFL or working on your General or Business English, trying the other method by watching your favorite web series could prove to be a profound help. if you know the right way.

Here are my top tips on how Netflix can help improve your language skills:

Enlarge your vocabulary for IELTS or General English:

When learners start to learn the English language, they translate their native language into English. Quite often they learn new English words with vernacular equivalent. However, in movies, words are used as a part of the story which not only helps you learn but also remember them more effectively.

Both on YouTube & Netflix, movies are of various topics & categories. You can choose the movie from your genre. As you start to watch & write down the expressions, your vocabulary size will expand. You will learn a more natural way of using vocabulary.

Shadowing can help to improve your pronunciation & fluency:

Advanced learners preparing for a C2 proficiency certificate, can do shadowing to improve their spoken fluency and pronunciation. However, this can be useful for lower-levels too.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember how did we learn our native language structure & individual words. It was through imitation. Shadowing helps learners immensely to acquire the natural-style of the language. For instance, developing the correct understanding about the connected speech in English takes time & learns often worry about it.

coping the lines you hear can help you practice some common examples & make you sound more natural. While imitating pay attention to pronunciation & intonation.

Develop your general listening & speaking skills:

When you listen to the native speakers, speaking the language in a natural way. It helps you to improve your pronunciation. Besides getting familiar with the different accents. it will help you get used to the speed, common expressions & pronunciation used.

And last but not the list, after watching a movie/series on Netflix talk about it with your friends. people never get tired of talking about their favorite web series or the character they like. Learn English as you binge-watch your most-liked webisode with the mentioned steps & practice it at every opportunity.

Here’s ten best Netflix series to learn English in 2020.

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