The 10 Best Netflix Movies To Learn English With

The 10 Best Netflix Movies To Learn English With

Are you in quarantine or under lockdown and have been watching Netflix all day? I have picked my 10 best Netflix movies from different genres for all the age groups of learners. Don’t forget to find out the right ways to learn English as you enjoy your favorite Netflix movie & show.

Here are my 10 best Netflix movies pick to learn English with:

1. House of Cards

This is one show that I can watch several times with the same amount of interest. Since it’s not a new Netflix show, there is a high probability many of you may have watched this show. It’s just an amazing show to watch. If I talk about the language, with some political mumbo-jumbo in between the language is quite easy & familiar. If you haven’t watched the show, I bet you are going to love it. It is about the highly ambitious politician who indulges in corruption as a means to become the President of the most powerful country on the planet earth the USA.

2. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

If your genre is science fiction, romantic comedy this lovelorn drama is for you. It is a story about a boy who conducts an experiment on his ex-girlfriend in the hope to erase all her memory. This is indeed one of the great romances I have ever seen. it is riotously funny. You could learn informal American language with a lot of common slang. Watch it on Netflix.

3. The Crown

Does super posh, classy British accents fascinate you? Do you have any plans to go to the UK in the near future? well, this Netflix show is a must-watch show. it is about Queen Elizabeth II’s early life.

4. To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

This romantic Netflix movie is going to help to familiarize yourself with the language used in teens’ daily life. Young learners could pick up the natural language used by native speakers.

5. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

This is the sequel to the highly popular romantic comedy ” To All The Boys I Have Loved Before”.

6. 20 Feet from Stardom

It’s 2013, a documentary film. It sheds the spotlight on the background Singers. It’s an amazing documentary that talks about music’s unsung heroes. A language-related to music can be improved.

7. The King’s Speech

It is simply an amazingly amazing British historical drama. It won 4 Academy Awards at the Oscars. The film revolves around the King”s stammering problem & how he overcame this challenge to rule. Because this film talks about the stammering issue which is connected to speech, it is a great movie to learn a natural way of talking about the speech clarity & the language used to do so.

8. Before Sunrise

An amazing romantic thought-provoking beautiful film. It’s a beautiful story of two strangers meeting on a train journey & how they ended up falling for each other.

9. Peaky Blinders

Have you not given this how a try yet? Well, now is the time to start! Set in Birmingham, England it is a British crime drama. It is one of the best crime shows I have watched. This is definitely going to dramatically improve your vocabulary related to crime. This Netflix show is going to show you how vintage criminals/gangster live their life.

10. Sherlock Holmes

The last pick is for the advanced ( C1 & C2) learners as this show is the investigation series. This is the master class. It is more challenging than other movies. On many occasions, you may feel that you have to open the dictionary to understand. But, you are going to enjoy every bit of it.

That’s all! Enjoy learning English.