Useful English Phrases to talk about Health & Fitness

Useful English Phrases to talk about Health & Fitness

Staying in shape has increasingly become more important in this day & age. As you sweat to get in shape, you need to know the useful English phrases to talk about your health & fitness level.

In this post, I have listed the C1 & C2 levels of vocabulary. In other words, this post contains only advanced vocabulary for health & fitness.

You can learn an intermediate level of vocabulary on health & fitness here.

1 Cardio

A type of physical exercise that increases your heart rate. There are many benefits of cardio workouts. It alleviates pain, increases blood flow & decreases changes of stroke.

Do mention other benefits of cardio workouts in the comment section.

Here is an example of how to use the word.

My workout usually includes 15 to 20 minutes of cardio.
Cardio exercise/training/workouts

2 Cross-trainer

A piece of exercise equipment that is used to exercise all of the body’s main muscles.

Since the cross-trainer machine works the entire body, it has an excellent range of benefits.

Here are some examples by using the word in the sentence.

John has lost significant weight by regularly using the cross-trainer.
Unlike many other cardio machines, cross-trainer has many other health benefits.

3 Health Spa

Health Spa is a place where people exercise, relax & receive health & beauty treatment. In the UK people also call it a health farm.

Here is an example

Wealthy people usually have a pool & a health spa inside their house.

Share your health spa experience in the comment section. And also do let me know the best health spa in your city.

4 Keep-fit

A type of exercise that you often do with other people in order to keep your body healthy & improve your strength.

How many keep-fit classes are in your neighborhood?

5 Tonify

In order to make the part of the body firmer, smoother, and stronger you tonify it by either applying special creams or exercising.

There are several creams to tonify your skin.

6 Strenuous

An exercise that makes you put a lot of effort & energy.

The doctor advised him not to do any strenuous exercise.

Image result for squat thrust picture

7 Squat thrust

A type of physical exercise that is great to burn fat, increase the heart rate & boost the metabolism.

The squat thrust is a challenging exercise.

you can learn how to do a squat thrust here.

picture of sit-up
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8 Sit-up

Sit-ups can improve your health & fitness in big ways when done correctly.

Sit-ups also help you to loosen your hip & spine muscles.

I do 20 sit-ups every morning.

How many sit-ups do you do? Let me know in the comment section.

9 Short-winded

When you get out of breath after exercise.

I get short-winded after exercising for hours.

10 Hamstring

When you exercise you are likely to get a hamstring injury.

It is a piece of tissue that connects muscles to bones.

11 Additive

A substance that is added to the food to improve the test, color, and also to preserve it from decaying.

If you wish to stay healthy avoid food that has additives.

12 Appetite

Feeling or desire to have food.

The long walk gave me a good appetite.
John said he doesn’t have much of an appetite.

13 As fit as a fiddle

Very healthy & strong

My grandfather is in the early 90s but he is as fit as a fiddle.

How many phrases did you know before reading the post? Do let me know in the comment section.