Want to Learn 20 Useful Business Expressions

Want to Learn 20 Useful Business Expressions

If you are working or going to work for a multinational company, then learning Business Expressions is an absolute must.

An employee that has a good business English vocabulary is likely to be able to climb up the success ladder with ease.

Different surveys conducted in this regard have pointed out that employees report that poor business language skills have resulted in a negative impact on sales, profitability, and efficiency of operations in their organizations. Needless to mention that it damages the self-confidence of an individual.

In this post, I am going to list out 20 useful Business Expressions that are used at the workplace.

1. Ahead of the curve

A new idea, or way of doing something that is more advanced & later becomes popular.

The company is investing a lot of money in R&D to stay ahead of the curve.

2. By the book

When you do something exactly what your company law or rules say.

The HR always goes strickly by the book.

3. Easy come, easy go

This business expression is used when easily gained money is lost soon.

John lost $500 in a card game last night. But I guess that’s easy come, easy go.

4. Groundbreaking

If something is groundbreaking it is very new & innovative.

His work in the movie was excellent but it wasn’t groundbreaking.

5. Last straw

In a series of problems when the latest annoyance, disturbance, or betrayal cause a situation impossible to accept.

The company had been losing its market for a while, but it was the last straw when the company was hit by the pandemic.

6. Learn/Know the ropes

Learning basics of a job or activities.

Walter enjoys his new position. He wouldn’t take long to learn the ropes.

7. Long shot

Something you try although it has a very low probability of happening.

It’s a long shot to get the promotion this year, yet I am going to send the nomination.

8. Lose ground ( opposite gain ground)

When somebody or something loses advantage to a competitor or becomes less popular or fall in value.

Samsung is losing ground to Chines mobile manufacturers.

9. No-brainer

A decision that is so obvious that it doesn’t require to think about much.

Accepting the new job offer over the one I have is a no-brainer.

10. On a roll

Experiencing a period of success or good luck.

His new business is doing exceptionally well. He has recently been awarded as the youngest billionaire. He is on a roll.

11. On the ball

To be aware of & understand the new changes & development, and more importantly to be able to react quickly.

My new personal assistant is really on the ball.

12. A safe/sure/good bet

Something that is likely to happen, or to be suitable.

John is a good bet to earn a spot on the US team.

It is a safe bet to invest in smartphones as it will be much more advanced in the coming years.

13. Second nature

When you do something very easily or naturally without needing to think very much about it.

I used to hate public speaking, but after having spent a decade in the training industry it is a second nature to me now.

14. See eye to eye

If two people see eye to eye, they share the same views.

Shams & I don’t see eye to eye on most of the reforms brought in by the current dispensation.

15. See something through (not used in the progressive tenses)

To continue until a task, project, is finished.

Before taking up a new responsibility, Walter is determined to see his current project through.

16. State of the art

Very modern or advanced at the present time.

All the employees were given a state of the art laptop.

The HR department has state of the art tools.

17. Get/start off on the right/wrong foot

To start something in a positive or negative way.

He seems to have started off on the right foot with the new boss.

Want to know how to start off a new job on the right foot?

18. Take the bull by the horns

Confront a problem or difficult situation directly and with courage.

We have to take the bull by the horns and ask the troublemakers to leave.

19. Take something lying down

Accept something unpleasant without criticizing or fighting back.

Several employees are not going to take the change in the roster lying down.

20. Up in the air

Not yet decided. Often because other important matters have to be decided first.

We are looking for a project manager. The future of the project is still up in the air.

I hope these commonly used business expressions would help you sound fluent & more natural.

Do you wish to learn more business expressions/terms used in the workplace?